Swimming with the Sharks!


Our journey to our dive in the deep end started summer 2013 with an awesome idea that took off really fast and eventually landed us a spot on 'Shark Tank.' Actually, making it on 'Shark Tank' was probably the hardest thing we've EVER done in our business thus far but— we are so grateful that we had the opportunity to "swim with the sharks!". After completing loads of paperwork that left our hand with cramps and submitting audition tape after audition tape, we were invited to pitch to the sharks!! We yelled and danced all through the house when we got the news! After celebrating the invitation, we went into preparation mode. We prepared for months. We were already big fans of 'Shark Tank' and we'd watch the show on a regular with our mom so, we knew how big of an opportunity this was. We received loads of help from some very nice people with the show, called producers, they were a BIIIGGGG help as we prepared for our big moment. Although, we were excited about meeting the 'Sharks' and being on TV we were just as thrilled to see the place where the deals where made or not. 


Once we made it to the place where we'd stand before the 'Sharks', we stood waiting with nervous energy and bright smiles. Our mom knows the best way to get us to shake nervous energy and that's through dance. So, we took a dance break right there in  what seems to be the longest hallway in the world to get to the 'Sharks.' After shaking the nerves through dance moves, our mom kept whispering jokes that made us laugh. But as soon as they yelled Angels and Tomboys READY, SET, GO we straightened up, stood tall, and let our confidence shine through. We hive-fived then the cameras started rolling. We  walked for what seems like a million miles. Then those big doors swung open we hit the point of no return and  there sat the 'Sharks"! We couldn't believe it!!! They looked tough! We'd stood in front of lots of  tough judges in dance competitions but, these faces were different. These faces meant business. We were either going to SINK or SWIM and we came to SWIM. We went for it! We started pitching our idea to the 'Sharks' and after cute and clever words we stuck them with our dance moves and our catchy theme song. Although the 'Sharks' were moved by our pitch and performance and although we were confident that they liked us that didn't mean a thing and we knew that the fun was only just beginning. After things calmed,  the 'Sharks' loaded and fired what seemed to be a round of never ending questions that had us and our mom swimming fast to answer each one! We all thought it was quite exciting and scary. We all could here the terrifying theme song from the movie 'Jaws' playing in our heads as the 'Sharks' kept circling around us. We were so glad that we were all well-prepared! We were swatting those questions like flies!


Our appearance on Shark Tank meant so much to us and to our business.

It boosted our confidence a thousand percent and it felt good to know that a group of people as successful as the 'Sharks' acknowledged our hard work and could appreciate it. But, more than anything in the world we are out to set an example to all girls 0 to 100 that whatever you believe in, GO FOR IT and you too can possibly have a "Shark Tank experience!" Believe with all your heart and put the work and energy into making it happen because all things are possible. We want girls everywhere to be inspired by what are doing. We are so glad that a "Shark Tank" exists. It's so awesome to see entrepreneurs who are interested in helping other entrepreneurs. The 'Sharks' are what we are about. Helping people be the best that they can be. Be a positive change in the world!!

Love Your Friends,

Madison Star and Mallory Iyana


Helping Girls Everywhere, One Lotion Bottle At A Time!!

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  • great job girls!! loved watching! GENIUS idea.

    • lizzy mcquire
  • You 2 were so cute and spunky. I love that you are little go getters. Lets not leave mom out “You are doing an amazing job mom!” I will be purchasing for my gbaby and nieces as well as spreadin gthe word about your products!

    • Ms. Laura
  • “Si Se Puede”- Yes We Can!
    You are an inspiration to girls everywhere! Continued success.

    • Rosanna Esparza
  • December 30, 2016

    Hi, I just turned 10 and while watching Shark Tank with my MiMi, I saw your product!
    I am always thinking of things to invent and make, and after seeing the two of you, I
    am more excited to keep finding my way. I am going to buy some of your product too!
    Thank you for doing what you are doing and I wish you all the best!!!

    • Payton
  • Don’t know when that show originally aired on Shark Tank but I happened to catch it tonight December 30th and you girls were awesome like your spunk like your attitude keep up the good work I myself have 6 granddaughters and I plan on purchasing some of your lotion for my girls

    • Ms. Smith